➵➵ How to quickly get traffic to your blog!

Every writer knows blogging, aka content-creation is a long-term marketing strategy. Most writers expect the content to go live on their blog and over time with marketing efforts, inbound traffic to the article will go up. It can take 4–6 months before you see traffic building up.

But isn’t there a faster way? Can you post on Monday and have traffic by Friday?

✔ Yes, there is.

4 tips to get traffic quickly to your blog.

PPC paid advertising: paid advertising is an internet advertising model where you pay to get traffic to your website or blog. Typically, it’s a pay-per-click (PPC) model, where you pay each time a user clicks on the ad and thus visits your site.

The most notable in this advertising model is Google. The ads you see on the top and right-hand side of Google.com’s search results are PPC ads. The clicks can cost anywhere from $0.05 to $.50 USD and more.

Before spending a large budget on PPC, create a budget you want to spend. For example, if you budget $200 to PPC ads, then you could create a PPC ad and limit the spend to $5 per day, which would make the PPC campaign run for 40–60 days. You can bump up traffic as needed by changing your per click bid, or daily budget.

Paid Ads: You may think paid ads are more for brands and e-commerce companies, but you are wrong. Think about your article, who did you write it for? Do those people exist on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest? Of course they do. So why not run paid ads targeted towards these users.

For example, let’s assume you’ve written a fantastic blog post about how engineers can move into a technical product manager role. You can run ads on Facebook and LinkedIn targetting users who are engineers. If your ad’s copy is written well, you will attract attention and those people will click on your ads, visit and enjoy your content.

Promote via your social circle: Most people have a personal social circle on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Social networks are personal, so you can post your latest content and direct message (dm)your contacts to check out the content. Just due to their love for you, they will visit and check out the content.

Press release: Press releases have been a standard of an announcement to journalists and news portal looking to write about new and interesting news. Press releases once written can be easily sent to hundreds of news points via services like this one. The price is usually around $225.

If your content is picked up and reprinted on other sites, this could result in a significant spike of traffic. It also helps with SEO. One thing to note is that, this spike in traffic with be very short term (1–4 days), then traffic will drop. So it’s best to blend PR with the other strategies listed here.

Email marketing via your email list or via 3rd party newsletter list: you may have built an email list of readers, customers or leads. Send a small blurb of your content via email and invite the users to visit your site to read all the content.

If you don’t have an email list of your own, you can rent email lists from others who have an audience that’s similar to yours. FYI, renting a email list is not same as buying a list. When renting a list, you won’t get any email addresses, the list owner will send the email on your behalf.

Additional advice:

When executing on the ideas listed above, you will gain traffic to your site. Take advantage of this. Setup the below so that you can parlay on the inbound traffic.
a) collect visitors emails so that you can create your own email list
b) if you are selling something, run re-targeting ads against users who visited but didn’t buy
c) ask visitors to follow you on social media

Try these solutions to build traffic instantly. As mentioned within each idea, there are some costs associated with this marketing plan. However, if you are looking for immediate traffic, there are no other better ways.

The article you post will reap rewards over time. However, the instant traffic ideas are a good start to getting attention to your content immediately, especially if the content is time-bound (ex: sale promotion, affiliate program, seasonal notes).

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