Are Tesla Cars 100% Electric?

The short answer — YES. But keep reading as there is a lot of depth in this answer.

Tesla Motors was the first production capable car company that started as an electric only cars company. To date, they are still to date only produces cars that are electric. You may have heard companies such as Volvo are moving to Electric- its not true, its Hybrids and gas/desil engines in their heavy trucks.

When Tesla started in 2003, the team of engineers wanted the world to know that electric cars aren’t for the hobbyist. Rather, electric cars will be the future. They wanted consumers to understand that electric cars can be fun to drive, drive long distances, can be easily charged and would be cheaper to own than a gas car.

Tesla believes that the faster the world moves towards using electric vehicles, the faster we can reduce our dependency on fossil and nuclear power. Reduction in those would also result in lower carbon footprint and global warming.

Tesla cars have now been in the market since 2013, so you can find a Tesla for cheap. Price wise, Tesla are now comparable to gas vehicles.

To prove electric cars can perform, Tesla first released their Tesla Roadster in 2008. This supercar could compete with most Porsche and BMWs. It had the range and quickness with the need for a gas engine.

Since then Tesla has gone on to produce the Model S. Today, the Model S P100D is the quickest production car in the world. It claims 0–60 mph in just 2.28 seconds. That’s faster than most Ferrari, and Lamborghini’s in the market today.

On the extreme of electric capability is the Tesla Semi. Today, semi trucks are used to haul goods across the country. The ones you see on the freeway tend to put our large amounts of smoke and pollution as they travel. Tesla’s Semi would put an end to that. Not only is it faster than any semi truck, but it can travel same distances without any gas required. It is purely powered by batteries.

As Tesla continues to produce future vehicles, the performance, the distance, and quality of the electrical system will keep improving.

We look forward to their future vehicle releases.

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